Saturday, September 18, 2010

Freaky Fashion Friday!?!!

On Friday's, I will be posting what I wore for the week at school/church and my fashion ideas:) I'm so excited!!! I'll give you a taste of what I wear to school and church;) the first one is a designed T from marices, little pink vest, forever 21 jeans and forever 21 necklace.

this is a blue shirt from wal-mart:)  with a forever 21 necklace and bedazzled jeans. And I curled my hair:)!
bedazzled jeans with a orange T and sweater and brown/gold necklace
green half arm sweater, forever 21 floral shirt(ties at waist) and forever 21 jeans
Levi's boys jeans, pink cardigan, and a blue striped T
this is how I did my hair for this outfit
this is an American Eagle polo, tan shorts, and converse.
dark blue and white striped T from forever 21 and bright blue high waist pants
this is what they look like from the back
pink bedazzled pants and a pink Abercrombie long sleeve 
white ruffled thick tank top over a white T, floral skirt, colorful leather belt from anthropologie, hand made floral skirt, dark brown sandals, and a forever 21 horseshoe chain necklace
blue mid arm length button up with my tan shorts and dark brown sandals
white ruffled thick tank over white T, sloppy confy black skirt, black high heels, and a chain ruffled necklace with diamonds
light tan top with tan T underneath, homemade floral skirt, brown leather belt, high heel brown sandals, and a beaded necklace
closer look at the necklace
Anthropologie colorful top, long black skirt, black double buckle belt, and super black high heels
I love em!:)


  1. soooo cute Mia! Good luck with the blogging! :)

  2. cute cute cute! My fave is the boy jeans w/blue striped top & pink cardi! I love your bedazzled jeans too!! & great pics!

  3. so, when can you come shopping with me? seriously. i always need help and never look cool--but maybe you could help me with that.
    your blog is awesome, i'll add it to my favorites. seems you're a pretty cool girl, mia!!

  4. thanks!! I am totally loving to blog. It's a new thing but, I like it:)! Kayla, I tried to follow your blog but, seems I couldn't. I wouuld LOVE to go shopping with you!!:) Clothes are my favorite subject in shopping;)