Friday, September 17, 2010


I had a blog. I forgot the password. So I now have a new one and I actually wrote down the password this time:) I guess i'm supposed to say something about me so.... I'm quite important so it would take a life time to tell everything about me. But, I will say the things I love about me. I am crazy for my familia and they always come first. I have three siblings, pretty crazy but, i'll live. My mom is my best friend and is my inspiration to womanhood, lifely goals, good example... ect. and pretty much a super hero for a mother;) She's crazy for her blog, seriously, she never stops talking about it. All in all she is pretty much my school stylist:) As you can see I love sunflowers like, alot? Food is one of my number one things on my list for the day. Can't get enough of it;) I grew up in Utah and I now live in Idaho. Idaho is way better by far. I love my bike (my mama and I got the same ones.. Beach cruisers;)!!) And they recently have baskets on them! I am a new photographer and pretty good for how I thought I was gonna do. I took my friends senior pictures and they look pretty much awesome:) Did I mention I love taking pictures? I do:) I am a cheerleader for Parma High School and stinking love my team! I am in Cross Country also, and on varsity... I'm pullin through;) I am deciding on which to do for the spring. Tennis or track? Yes, I will take sugestions:) Music is basically part of my life and dont know what I'd do without it. My favorite songs are Oh Darling by Plugin Stereo, Hey Jude from the Across the Universe soundtrack, and ANYTHING country. My favorite show is Gilmore Girls and The Office:) Everyone calls me Mama Mia or Mya... I dont know why Mya but it got spread around some how, I personally like Mama Mia better;) That's all for now but I shall share my other super fantastic idea's and fun.... stuff, some other day? truly yours!, miamor<3

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