Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well.. I'm starting on my freaky friday, whatever, and I hope i'll actually keep going with this:] hah! 
Blue T from Macys, black and white striped belt, high hippee pants, and I think I wore converse high tops with this? not sure:] 
I actually stole this shirt from my brothers dresser...!
Brown long sleeve, brown tank-top/sweater from Hollister, skinny jeans, and ugg boots. 
My mother absolutely loves this outfit:]! she said she's gonna steal it from me..
Baby blue T, jean jacket brown belt, ripped up jeans(rolled up at the bottom), and moccasins. And!! i wore my three favorite necklesses;)
this is without the jacket.
floral sweatshirt,skinny jeans, and lime green shoes.
The coolest thing about this sweatshirt is that it has zippers on the shoulders!
The neckless with the M is from my friend, the chain one my mother found on a trail one day, and the blue star that says texas.
Fox button up hoodie, dark worn out jeans, and gray high top converses.
One of my Christmas presents!!:]
Pink cardy with ruffles, black tank top with random ruffles, dark faded jeans, and HT cons.
My new jeans!!:)
New cream shirt;) with two brades swooping across, tan woven belt, brown Steve Maden pencil skirt, and brown/pink high heels.
closer look at the shirt
Brown/pink shoes up close.
This is basically what I wore this week(studying for finals). sweatshirt, bun, skinny jeans, and cheer shoes.
I also wore this like, 4 times in a row because I had to cheer at 4 games this week!!? Too many.

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